At Seedbed, we have created several tailor-made activities to help your social venture to grow. From one-to-one sessions with our business coaches to small and large group activities, there are a variety of workshops, master classes, business review panels and more to help your social venture reach the next level. The programme is delivered in two distinct stages.

Foundation Stage 2017

The Foundation Stage runs from May to August 2017 and will mark the first step to growing your social venture. You will learn how to make significant, positive step changes in your business development. You will revise your business plan and growth strategy. This stage helps you to feel confident that you understand your markets and customers, operate in a sustainable and financially viable way and know where your growth potential lies.

Support will consist of workshops, business review panels, access to specialist business expertise, action learning sets and regular sessions with your business coach.

Programme Format Event
Business Model Canvas Full day workshop 31st May 2017
Business Strategy Webinar 7th June 2017
Business Review Panel One 1.5 hour session W/C 12th June
Marketing Channels and activities Webinar 12th July 2017
Business Review Panel Two 1.5 hour session W/C 11th September 2017

We look to provide all ventures with bespoke business support they need. Also available are our Action Learning Set facilitated peer support sessions, which provide an opportunity to bring forward any issues your venture faces, offering the support you need to work through them.

Growth Stage 2017

The Growth Stage runs from September to December 2017. Ventures on the foundation cohort can elect to continue the accelerator programme at this point. They will be joined by a next tranche of social ventures with clear growth and investment proposals looking to access the Seedbed loan or equity investment funds.

In this stage of the programme the emphasis is on developing the ventures’ investment proposals and supporting them to access the appropriate investment. Individual business coaching continues and optional Action Learning Sets will again be offered. The Business Review Panels will focus on a ventures investment proposal.

Programme Format Event
Growth Stage Launch 2 hour session 4th October 2017
Leadership Three quarter day 4th October 2017
Managing Growth Full day workshop 18th October 2017
Business Review Panel Three 1.5 hour session W/C 30th October 2017
Good Management Practice Half day workshop 8th November 2017
Social Investment Half day workshop 22nd November 2017
Financial Modelling Full day workshop 22nd November 2017
The Investment Proposal Webinar 29th November 2017
Practice Pitching and Presenting Full day workshop 6th December 2017
Investor Day Half day event 13th December 2017

Download our whole programme for both our Foundation and Growth Stage here

How the programme is delivered

To help support you with your business plan and investment proposal, we have created a programme that will help you to develop and grow your social enterprise. We have included several activities such as:


Everyone on the programme will be assigned a skilled business coach for personal advice and guidance, coaching and information, support and contacts.


Using a ‘learning by doing’ methodology, the whole group will come together to explore topics with our experts in interactive sessions. These are professionals, able to make complex business and development topics relevant and applicable. You will also hear from other social entrepreneurs, who will share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you. These are highly interactive sessions offering insights and advice from people who are further along in their entrepreneurial journey. In addition, we explore the knowledge and experience from within the group. Uncovering the wealth and capacity of everyone in the cohort and learning from each other is a hugely valuable aspect of the learning experience of Seedbed.

Action Learning Sets

Our Action Learning Sets involve working in smaller peer support groups. They offer those involved the opportunity to bring forward an issue that they are facing for reflection and clarification with the group and to review it with their peers in a confidential and safe space.

Our Action Learning Sets are professionally facilitated. Using specific questioning techniques with other members of the group, you can find a way forward and set actions to complete for the next meeting. ALS sessions are offered only to those participants who feel the sets would be of benefit.


In addition to the scheduled workshops and panels, you will be assigned an individual business coach who can provide guidance, reflection and support. Sessions are arranged at mutually convenient times.

Business Review Panels

You will be joined by a panel of entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts, who provide in-depth feedback and reflections on your venture’s business model and growth strategy.

Master Classes

Using the principles that emerge from our witness and expert sessions, our master classes provide the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the qualities and ingredients that help you drive your business from good to great!

Online Resources

To help ventures ready to apply to the Seedbed Funds specialist support with preparing for and completing the applications will be offered as necessary.

Further application guidance for ventures specifically interested in joining the Seedbed Growth stage will be made available in the coming months. To find out more call Sam Haydock on 01803 847066 to arrange a conversation with our director Dirk Rohwedder who’ll be able to tell you more about what the Growth Stage entails and answer any questions you may have.

Following each workshop and masterclass you will have access to presentations, resources and useful links.